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Elderly preferential treatment Longevity nutrition subsidy application
Any senior citizen with a household registration of 60 years and over in our province can apply for it free of charge. The "Fujian Province Senior Citizen Card" implements the "One Provincial One Card Pass", and senior citizens can enjoy the prescribed preferential treatment within the province by holding a certificate. 60-69-year-old Certificates of Passion are green. Certificates of Passes over 70 years of age are red.
Application conditions:
周岁(按年计算)的老年人可以申领使用底色为绿色的《福建省老年人优待证》,年满70周岁(按年计算)的老年人申领使用底色为红色的《福建省老年人优待证》。 The elderly who have reached the age of 60 (calculated by year) can apply for the "Fujian Senior Citizen's Card" with a green background, and the elderly who have reached the age of 70 (calculated by year) can use a red background "Fujian Province Senior Citizen Card".
Application materials:
My resident ID card: check the original and receive a copy. Copy the front and back of the ID onto a piece of A4 paper. [detailed]
Longevity nutrition subsidy is a government health subsidy for longevity elderly people. 100 周岁及以上的本市户籍老年人,无论其是否享受国家其它补贴,均有权享受该补贴申请。 All senior citizens with household registration in this city who have reached the age of 100 and above, regardless of whether they enjoy other state subsidies, are entitled to apply for the subsidy.
200 元。 At present, the city's longevity nutrition subsidy standard is no less than 200 yuan per person per month . (Subsidies are based on the principle of territoriality and are financed by the county's financial district)
Application conditions:
周岁及以上的本市户籍老年人 Senior citizens with household registration in this city who have reached the age of 100
Application materials:
1. "Application Form for Longevity Nutrition Subsidy": It can be obtained from the streets, towns, or communities and village committees in each jurisdiction, or it can be obtained and completed from the County Civil Affairs Bureau and the Aging Office in duplicate.
2. My resident identity card: check the original and a photocopy. Copy the front and back of the ID card onto a piece of A4 paper ... [Details]
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