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The "Regulations" to be implemented from October 1 are related to your personal safety!
Article source: Minxi Daily
Release time: 2019-09-27 15:21
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From October 1 this year, the Fujian Province Elevator Safety Management Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") will be implemented.

What are the new highlights of the newly released Regulations? On September 25, related personnel of the city's market supervision and management bureau Te Anke accepted an interview on the hot issue of elevators that people are concerned about.

How to solve problems related to old residential elevators?

The reporter learned that as of August this year, the city has 10,332 registered elevators. The "Regulations" focus on the problem of old elevators. It is clear that the local government must establish a coordination mechanism for elevator safety work to coordinate and resolve major issues in elevator safety management in a timely manner; at the same time, it is clear that the elevator use management unit should entrust inspection agencies to conduct safety assessments of old elevators, and according to the evaluation opinions, be targeted Strengthen maintenance, or repair, modify, renew or scrap the elevator.

Regarding the installation of elevators in old communities, the Regulations require relevant local government departments to take measures to support the installation of elevators in old communities in accordance with the principles of simplicity and convenience. Market supervision departments at all levels should actively cooperate with relevant departments in the elevator construction notification, inspection and testing, use management and other aspects to do a good job of installing elevators in old communities.

How to solve the difficulty of raising elevator funds?

Regarding the cost of elevator renovation, renovation, and repair, the Regulations stipulate that those who have special maintenance funds for residential buildings can apply for use in accordance with the prescribed procedures; for those who have no special maintenance funds or the balance of the maintenance funds is insufficient, all owners shall negotiate and apportion the funds; If there is no consensus on the fundraising plan, the township people's government and the sub-district office shall organize and coordinate the solution.

Regarding the difficulty of applying for special maintenance funds and the long process, the Regulations stipulate that the escrow unit shall complete the review within five working days from the date of receipt of the application; if it meets the payment requirements, the escrow unit shall immediately transfer to the bank Notice; if the escrow unit does not review after the deadline, it is deemed to be consent; when an emergency occurs in the elevator, a small amount of special maintenance funds for the emergency can be used.

How to solve the problem of unreasonable civil construction quality and selection of elevators?

At present, many elevators in our city have problems such as civil water ingress, direct elevator access, and mismatched household elevator ratios. The Regulations also provide solutions: the design and construction, selection, and configuration of elevator civil works should comply with relevant regulations. The requirements of the residential standards are in accordance with the requirements of the building structure and use; the construction drawing review agency shall review the content of the elevator configuration related to the mandatory standards of the construction in the construction drawing design documents of the construction project.

What are the new technological measures to improve elevator safety management?

While solving practical problems, the "Regulations" also take into account the development trend of elevator safety management. It is clear that newly installed passenger elevators should be equipped with devices capable of implementing remote monitoring functions and provide standard data interfaces; elevators in public gathering places and residential areas. Elevators shall be equipped with video monitoring facilities that comply with relevant regulations and standards; elevator users and maintenance units are encouraged to establish remote elevator monitoring systems, implement remote monitoring of elevator operation, and improve their capabilities for fault warning, accident prevention, and emergency rescue.

What new management measures address major hidden safety hazards in elevators?

The "Regulations" are targeted and focus on major potential safety hazards of elevators: those who have a service life of 15 years, are affected by disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., have high failure frequencies and must affect the normal use of elevators. Safety performance must be evaluated; The quality of components is clearly required and corresponding legal responsibilities are set; stricter legal responsibilities are set for short-circuit safety circuits and safety protection devices that affect the safe operation of the elevator.

Which uncivilized rides will be punished?

The Regulations clearly require passengers to take the elevator civilizedly, and specifically stipulate that passengers must not intentionally damage the elevator, open the elevator door by abnormal means, call the emergency rescue unit without reason or activate the emergency alarm device, play in the elevator, transport building materials, When construction elevators, furniture appliances, and other items that are likely to cause damage to the elevator, fail to take safety protection, spill prevention measures, etc., passengers who violate these regulations will face financial compensation, public security management penalties, and even criminal liability.

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