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Classification of domestic waste
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  • 2019年12月24日16:00-17:00 Time: 16: 00-17: 00, December 24, 2019
  • 龙岩市中心城区生活垃圾分类领导小组办公室副主任、龙岩市城市管理局党组成员、副局长张以金 Guests: Zhang Yijin, Deputy Director of the Office of the Leading Group for Domestic Waste Classification in the Downtown Area of Longyan, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Longyan Urban Management Bureau
  • 随着经济社会的快速发展,生活垃圾产量剧增,很多大城市的生活垃圾处理都面临着巨大的压力,与此同时,“生活垃圾分类”也成为了一个十分时尚的热门话题,本网今天邀请到龙岩市中心城区生活垃圾分类领导小组办公室副主任、龙岩市城市管理局党组成员、副局长张以金,围绕生活垃圾分类工作为大家解读,并与广大网友们进行互动交流,欢迎广大网友积极参与。 Abstract: With the rapid development of economy and society, the production of domestic waste has increased dramatically, and the disposal of domestic waste in many large cities is facing tremendous pressure. At the same time, the classification of domestic waste has become a very fashionable hot topic. Today, we invited Zhang Yijin, deputy director of the Office of the Leading Group for Domestic Waste Classification in the downtown area of Longyan, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Longyan Urban Management Bureau, to interpret the work of domestic waste classification, and interact with the majority of netizens. participate actively.
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Hello, I am the owner of a small restaurant. How can I handle the kitchen waste generated by the store?

Zhang Yijin:

Hello, kitchen waste should be handed over to a qualified disposal unit for disposal and must not be discarded at will. At present, only the city kitchen waste treatment plant constructed and operated by the Chengfa Group (Longjinhe Company) in the central urban area of Longyan has the processing qualification. Restaurants, restaurants, canteens, and other kitchen waste generation units can contact the Longjinhe Company's collection and transportation department to conduct Shipping, contact phone: 2830015.

Bu Yun:

What sort of trash cans are used to throw away the waste lamps and batteries generated in the home? Where should these waste lamps be sent for harmless treatment?

Zhang Yijin:

Discarded lamps and batteries are hazardous waste and should be placed in red hazardous waste bins set up in the community. The hazardous waste will be collected and transported by the City Chengfa Group (Longjinhe Company) and sent to the City Longlin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (Long Lin Cement Plant Coordinated Disposal of Hazardous Garbage Production Line), Longyan Fuhua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Yanshi Hazardous Waste Landfill Site), two qualified hazardous waste treatment plants perform harmless treatment.


In our life, we often change large items such as sofas and beds. Does Longyan have large waste disposal facilities? Where should we place the big things?

Zhang Yijin:

The large items such as sofas and beds that we change daily can be placed in the large-scale garbage storage points designated by the community property. The community property is cleared to the nearby garbage transfer station, and the sanitation department is centrally cleared to the municipal waste power plant for incineration. In order to solve the problem of large-scale garbage disposal, our city has constructed a large-scale garbage demolition and treatment plant in Linbang Village, Tieshan Town, Xinluo District. Commissioning, after the conditions are mature, the operating unit City Development Group (Longjinhe Company) will adopt the "reservation on-site" method for bulky garbage collection and transportation.

Long Xiang:

What are the common hazardous waste?

Zhang Yijin:

Hello, common harmful wastes include expired medicines, cosmetics, office toner cartridges, ink cartridges, batteries, thermometers, etc.


Hello, Deputy Director Zhang, what are the common kitchen wastes in your home? What are the other common garbage?

Zhang Yijin:

Hello, the remaining apple cores, banana peels, orange peels, leftovers and leftovers from our meals belong to the category of kitchen waste. Like cigarette butts, dust, used toilet paper, etc. belong to other garbage.


What is the classification of domestic waste? What are the common recyclables at home?

Zhang Yijin:

The classification of domestic garbage refers to the classification of garbage into different types according to different components, attributes, utilization value, impact on the environment, and different treatment methods, which is beneficial to the recycling and treatment of domestic garbage. Specifically, domestic waste is classified and put at the source, and waste is reduced, recyclable, and harmless through classified collection, classified transportation, and classified processing. Common recyclables in our home are books, discarded paper, plastic bottles, scrap iron, cans, etc.