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Reform of the Approval System of Engineering Construction Projects
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  • 2019年12月26日16:00-17:00 Time: 16: 00-17: 00, December 26, 2019
  • 龙岩市住房和城乡建设局总工程师王健 Guests: Wang Jian, Chief Engineer, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Longyan City
  • 本网邀请到龙岩市住房和城乡建设局总工程师王健,围绕工程建设项目审批制度改革并与广大网友们进行互动交流,欢迎广大网友积极参与。 Abstract: Wang Jian, Chief Engineer of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Longyan City, is invited to interact with the majority of netizens around the reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects and welcome the active participation of netizens.
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Love Messenger:

My company has a project. The fire design review that was previously conducted in the fire department, how can I now handle the fire inspection in the residential construction department?

Wang Jian:

Starting from June 20 this year, the fire protection review and acceptance functions that originally belonged to the fire department were transferred to the residential construction department. In the process of work connection, considering the requirements of the fire and residential construction departments for approval and inconsistent standards, we still use the original fire department's acceptance method for offline acceptance of this type of historical legacy projects.


It is understood that there are a lot of archives for the special inspection and acceptance of archives, but the commitment time limit is only 5 working days. How to complete the inspection in just a few days?

Wang Jian:

In order to ensure the orderly implementation of the joint inspection and acceptance work, the urban construction archives department has further reduced the time limit for archives acceptance and adopted the following measures: First, the construction unit can apply for advance intervention services before submitting the joint inspection and acceptance, and the urban construction archives department will respond to the needs of the construction unit. Early guidance; Secondly, in the case that the project archives basically meet the archives approval conditions, if only individual materials are missing or not signed and sealed due to special circumstances, upon application and commitment by the construction unit, the urban construction archives department may adopt a form of notification of commitments. , First issue the construction project archives approval opinion.

Free Kite:

Aiming at the problems in the excavation of urban roads in our city that involve many approval departments and long approval time limits, how do government departments solve them?

Wang Jian:

In July of this year, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau first tried out first, insisted on reform and innovation, and issued a series of reform documents that will involve construction permits for road excavation, transplanting of public green space for transplanting trees, permits for traffic management approval, and approvals for occupying and excavating municipal roads The “one-stop” joint examination and approval model has been adopted for each matter, and the application from multiple departments has been changed to be led by the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, and it is committed to be completed within 15 working days. This not only solves the problem of applicants' "long running", but the department's approval opinions are not consistent, and the approval time is reduced by more than 50%.


I'm going to open a shop to decorate it, but now it's troublesome to do so many construction permit procedures. Are there any measures for reform?

Wang Jian:

We generally divide general decoration works into two cases: First, according to relevant regulations, for decoration projects with an investment of less than 300,000 or a building area of less than 300 square meters, a construction permit is not required; In addition, in accordance with the characteristics of the decoration project, the city cancelled the project planning permit and the land use approval certificate, and provided proof of ownership.

Xiao Huang:

As the project owner, is it free for us to choose whether to adopt joint acceptance during the completion and acceptance stage?

Wang Jian:

From the central to the provincial level, it has been emphasized that joint acceptance is a normative action, not an autonomous choice action. Starting from July 1, this year, relying on the construction project approval management platform, in principle, all applications in our city for which construction permits have been processed must be subject to joint acceptance. If the project has special circumstances that require special acceptance in advance, the owner may apply to the Office of the Leading Group for Reform of the Municipal Engineering Construction Project Approval System Reform.

Xiao Jun:

Hello, Mr. Wang, I would like to ask, what do you mean by parallel approval?

Wang Jian:

The so-called parallel examination and approval refers to the implementation of an administrative examination and approval mode that is coordinated by one department and organizes the simultaneous examination and approval of all responsible departments for matters involving the joint examination and approval of two or more departments. ". In the past, when everyone applied for project construction, every item was done step by step in series. The approval time would usually be long, and it wasted everyone's time and energy. In this reform, our city's Housing and Urban Construction Bureau jointly developed and reformed a number of related departments, and divided all matters related to construction projects into four phases: project land use, engineering planning permission, construction permission, and completion acceptance. All matters included in each phase At the same time, it greatly simplified the application materials and procedures, and shortened the work time.